I am delighted to introduce the worth name in computer  education as  CATC to bring  out  your dreams closeto reality in  professional life and skills. In the era of  science  and technology, computer  education is  the  integral  part of  every profession. Everyone has to build their capacities on computer  as the  virtual  utility  device and  explore  the skills in  their  own  field of  specialization; to explore and demonstrate the   professionals’   capacities  with  short  and   long  term   courses, Vocational education programs etc.

I believe in student centered  approach so that the problems, needs and priority issues can be addressed in  participatory manner  that will dealt with efficiency in work. For many people the computer  education is unaffordable, but  our efforts  are to make it choice matter, and widel available for mass rather just focusing to a particular section of society. I  am  confident  with  the  programs  and  courses  offered, you  really bebonafide.

Wish you all the success in your professional carrier

Sk. Yakub

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